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At this Level, the student has passed the intermediate stage of the English language before and has all his needs of reading, writing, conversation and rules. Hence the focus is on the student mainly to develop these points and move forward to achieve proficiency in the English language. The student is subject to a very large discussion in all areas of life with the teacher, whether economics, politics, or even social life and the working environment and the market. Emphasis will also be placed on mastering writing skills and listening skills. Innovative methods will be used to make the student a person who is able to fully understand English and is able to talk about any subject that can be discussed through the use of complex words, terms and vocabulary.

C1: He\she can understand a wide range of long texts and required notes implied meaning.

He\she can express himself\herself fluently and spontaneously without a much clearer search for phrases.

Language can be used flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Can produce clear, well-organized and detailed texts on complex subjects, showing patterns of use of organizational methods, links and cohesive structures.

C2: He can easily understand almost everything he hears or reads.

The information can be summarized from different sources, spoken and written, discussed and presented in a coherent manner.

He\she can express himself\herself quickly, and in particular very fluently, with precise details of meanings even in more complex situations.

Results: The student reaches the stage of self-confidence using the English language of reading, writing, listening and speaking fluently. The student can understand all the subjects he listens to without hesitation and the possibility of discussing them simply. As well as mastering writing skills in an ideal way to write about different subjects of life, whether political economic and scientific in a professional manner free from mistakes.

Used Tools and methods of study We provide the most advanced ways of modern education through the presentation of ideas and information and course materials by the lecturer on the program of the World Wide Web through images and forms and phrases and thousands of examples within the subject of discussion with educational materials attractive and enjoyable. In addition to the focus of the teacher on the student is in need of a very large.

A pure learning environment will be provided to student groups through virtual classes online through the WebEx program, a highly developed program used at universities and US institutes that will be downloaded to the student free of charge through the EF E-Learning First technical support section. The program is innovative and funky like other conference-meeting programs. The voice and the image are clearly in the lecture, which will be live and direct with the teacher and the other colleagues in the lecture. It also features the ability to record and save lectures after each lecture. The screen is divided into two halves on the right picture of the teacher and the bottom of the rest of the students and on the left educational material. The student can study through the laptop or desktop or smart mobile devices.

Interactive Self-Training: The student will learn how to listen, speak, write and read the English language within the training programs of the first day within the educational plan in ways that are very fun and innovative and unconventional, which prompts the student to practice the language in all aspects to suit his needs and objectives and to strengthen himself more than Way and more entertaining and educational program at the same time. We have provided them all so that we can reach our students with professionalism.

What Distinguishes the Intermediate Program at EF E-Learning First? The Institute’s faculty is one of the best lecturers in the United States of America. Without a doubt, learning English requires the strongest teachers and the most efficient and here is what we provide mainly to the student to ensure the highest results and the best. All of our teachers are accredited with higher academic degrees from major US and European universities and have sufficient experience in teaching English to non-native speakers.

Interactive Forum: You will be a member of the forum, which includes all the students enrolled in the Institute within a wonderful interactive environment, which is available around the clock, which hosts the largest academics in the field of English and are ready to answer any question or inquiry or any participation by a student Which allows all students to view and participate in the discussion.

Direct Feedback: After each lecture, the student receives an immediate feedback on the student file directly from the lecturer and the supervisor of the lecture, which is also directed to the student throughout the course of the program. The feedback contains all the observations that were taken by the lecturer and supervisor.

Flexibility to choose the appropriate time for study and the possibility of studying in special programs as needed.

The number of students will be few in the lectures of 3-4 students so that there is greater focus of the lecturer on the students and attention individually each student individually. Which leads the student to pursue his studies further during the study period.

Student File: After completing the registration process, the student receives a user name and password for his / her personal profile on the Institute website, which enables him / her to continue his / her educational program on a continuous basis, as a follow-up to the lecture schedule and the feedback from the teacher, as well as all appointments, examinations and dates. Which makes it easier for the student to manage his / her educational program in a professional manner, without any stress.

Recorded Lessons: The possibility of keeping records for all lectures in order to suit the student’s full time. All the entries that you will participate in are recorded voice and image with the possibility of viewing them around the clock. Either in case you are absent from the quota or if you review any quota you can view the recorded entries through your own secret number from any computer.

Duration and end of the course. The duration of the course is four months, at a rate of two meetings per week, live and direct with the teacher. The number of weekly classes is gradually increased to suit the student’s progress and attendance. After completing the registration process, the Language Assessment Department conducts a level exam for the student until the students’ In English and build an educational plan to meet these needs according to the student’s abilities and abilities.

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