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Stage B1 - B2

At this stage the student has passed the first stage of English and has the basics of the language in terms of reading, writing, conversation and grammar, hence the focus is on the student mainly to support these points, and move forward to reach the advanced stage. The focus of this stage is to increase the number of English vocabulary in the student to the average, so that he can talk about himself more like talking about his experiences, field of work, interests, and talk about his family more. Students will also be able to talk about things like nature, the atmosphere, everyday life, and people in a clear and understandable way using sound English grammar. At this stage, students will be able to get more meanings, vocabulary and terminology, so that they can use them to build more complex sentences from the first stage in a clear and clear language.


To achieve greater self-confidence through the ease of use of English by speaking advanced, flexible, uncomplicated and fully aware of the basics of English language and grammar without grammatical errors. As well as increasing the number of basic English words to advance to the advanced stage, as well as support and strengthen the English grammar to reach the construction of sentences in English properly.

At the end of the course the student will be able to understand the sentences, the degree of difficulty in which medium, and how to deal with and interact with different topics such as the scope of work, the environment in which, family, and life in their areas. So that the student can also initiate speaking in English immediately in any field in a medium that gives him self-confidence and non-hesitation to support his language and development.

The main points of familiar issues such as work, entertainment, school, etc. can be clearly understood.

Most situations that may arise while traveling to an area can be handled so that he speaks English to manage his travel.

Can write simple text on familiar or personal topics.

It can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

B2 The main ideas of complex texts can be understood either in specific or abstract subjects, including technical discussions in the field of specialization, can interact with a degree of spontaneity and fluency that make regular interaction with native speakers very likely without stress to either party. It can produce detailed and clear texts on a wide range of topics and explain his point of view on a topical issue and give advantages and disadvantages in various aspects.

Teaching Tools and Methods of Study:

We offer the most advanced and modern methods in the field of education, through the presentation of ideas and information by the lecturer on the World Wide Web Program through images, phrases, thousands of examples within the topic under discussion and provide attractive and fun educational materials. In addition to the focus of the teacher to meet the needs of the student very much in addition to the distinctive style of the teacher and based on the understanding of the student rather than memorizing the meanings of words, through modern and innovative teaching methods, through which the teacher seeks to ensure that the student can master the language within the educational level in it.

A purely educational environment will be provided in student groups through virtual classes online through the WebEx program, a very sophisticated program used in universities and American institutes, so that we will install the program on the student's device for free through the technical support department EF E-Learning First. The program is as innovative and funky as any other conference meeting program. It is clearly characterized by sound and image within the lecture, which will be broadcast live and direct with the teacher and other colleagues lecture. It is also characterized by the possibility of recording lectures and save them after the end of each lecture and we will upload the recordings on the student page, which requires the teacher to require students to dispense with the use of pen and notebook during the lecture since there is no need to use these tools as long as the documentation is done in electronic form, on the other hand, A student of these traditional techniques during the lecture forces him to focus more with the teacher and gives him more time to benefit within the lecture.

Returning to the nature of the study process within the virtual class, the student will find the program screen is divided into two parts, on the right picture of the teacher and below the rest of the students and on the left educational material. The student can study through laptop, desktop or smart mobile devices.

Interactive self-training: the student will learn how to listen, speak, write and read English as part of the training programs from the first day of the educational plan in a very fun and innovative and unconventional ways, which pushes the student to practice all aspects of the language to suit his needs and goals and so that he can strengthen himself in more than one way And more than entertainment and educational program at the same time. We have provided all of them so that we can get with our students to professionalism.

What distinguishes the program B1-B2 Institute EF E-Learning First:

The faculty of the Institute is a group of the best lecturers of the United States of America for obtaining many certificates of how to teach the language to non-native speakers in addition to their use of modern professional teaching methods that rely on the delivery of information to the student ways of understanding away from memorization and indoctrination. To the strongest and most efficient teachers and this is what we provide mainly for the student to ensure the highest results and the best. All of our teachers are graduates of major US and European universities

Immediate feedback: After each lecture, the student gets immediate feedback on the student's file directly from the lecturer and from the lecturer supervisor as well, who in turn is directed to

Our Main Teachers

Bonjour, je m'appelle John . Je suis un professeur d'anglais des États-Unis. Avant d’enseigner l’anglais langue seconde en ligne, j’ai enseigné les technologies de l’information en classe aux États-Unis et en Corée du Sud. J'ai un maître...

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