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Our English for Business courses is designed to build your English language skills to communicate effectively in business contexts, improving your employability and job prospects in your home country.

This course combines improving your general English ability with taking focused lessons on business skills.

Practice workplace communication techniques in English, learn how to participate in meetings and interviews, and acquire business writing skills.

  • You need to use English in business situations or with English-speaking colleagues.
  • You want to improve your general English language skills as well as learning specific communication skills for the workplace.
  • You want a flexible program with frequent start dates and different course lengths to suit your needs.
  • You want to enhance your CV and improve your chance for professional success in the future.

Our Main Teachers

Bonjour, je m'appelle John . Je suis un professeur d'anglais des États-Unis. Avant d’enseigner l’anglais langue seconde en ligne, j’ai enseigné les technologies de l’information en classe aux États-Unis et en Corée du Sud. J'ai un maître...

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